Awakenings to the values of indigenous people take on multiple forms. Here is an example of how Native American views of reciprocity have informed the author's work on sustainable economics.   See:

Native American history echoes many of the themes of racism and violence that Black Lives Matter has brought to the public's attention, in large part because indigenous people were caught up in the same colonial history. Being Native American can help to answer the question, "what can one person do, and does it matter?" See:

The concluding chapter of my book, "Untangling Threads of Historical Narrative", led me to re-imagine human evolution using traditional Native American themes to represent how different racial groups are related and connected at our common roots. Here is that notion in full color poster form:

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Native American identity controversy is a teachable moment for the United States during a presidential election year. Together, we can find a path forward from racial conflict to “Truth and Reconciliation”. See: